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Martha Nazareth

November 1929 - May 2003


The Carnival Cultural Club (CCC), founded by Martha Nazareth, is a non-profit society that supports the building of community spirit by giving community members a stage to display their talents and creativity. The Club organizes a bi-annual Carnival Fiesta that has grown in popularity over the years. From its humble beginnings at the Scouts Hall in Richmond in 1995, to the current 20th Anniversary celebration at the Royal Palace Banquet Hall, the Carnival Fiesta has grown not only in attendance, but in entertainment value as well. The purpose of the organization and the event is to not only promote the arts within the community, but to also donate funds generated from the Carnival Fiesta towards helping new immigrants to the country, supporting and sponsoring youth for various community events, helping seniors and awarding post secondary scholarships. The Carnival Fiesta mimics many of the festivities and ideologies that are routed in the Carnival functions held in Goa, India and the Mardi Gras in New Orleans. This fun filled event includes a parade, performances, lots of dancing, food and entertainment and King Momo to officially start off the festivities. The CCC is run by a group of volunteers who give their time selflessly to ensure the success and growth of the Carnival Fiesta.